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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Class X -History ,Nationalism in Indo China

Class X Worksheet – Nationalist Movement in Indo China.
Answer the questions in one word or in one sentence
1.       Who was the leader of the Hoa Hao Movement?
2.       In which famous battle was the French defeated?
3.       Which society did Phan Boi Chau from?
4.       By whom was the Democratic Republic of Vietnam formed?
5.       What does NLF Stand for?
6.       In Indo China Who was referred as colon?
7.       For what purpose was the Tonkin Free School set up in 1907?
8.       Which country advocated the theory of Domino Effect?
9.       What do you mean by indentured labour
10.    Who were the Trung sisters?

Answer the following questions in detail.
1.       Describe the influence of China on Vietnam’s culture and life.
2.       Why did the French policy makers wanted to educate the people of Vietnam?
3.       What was the nature of colonial economy of Vietnam?
4.       Describe the main features of the Tonkin free school.
5.       Explain the reasons for the popularity of go east movement
6.       Why and how were the Vietnamese used in the rat hunt in 1902 -03?
7.       What was the role of women in the anti imperial struggle in Vietnam?
8.       What effect did US involvement in the war in Vietnam have on the life within the US and Vietnam?

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