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Monday, August 10, 2009

Spcae Missions.

Space Missions.

Dear Students...

In the present time we are able to travel to the distant parts of the Universe by our Technological back up.We have made tramendous progress in space programs.By now ,we could land on the Moon and ...... now .... we are looking for the Mars and our Venus. Days are very near , sure soon we can catch both of them.

But, Before we think about other missions , we must know some thing about our previous space programs and work behind it.

I invite you all to the Topic ' spcae Missions'

Here I give you a project work on The Space Missions.

I hope you all will do it better.

You can include the following topics in your Project.

1. Space age

2.Space Missions

3.Space Craft

4 Space Travellers

5. Landing on the Moon.


7 Space Tragedies.

Finnaly give a pleasant wind up.

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