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Monday, August 10, 2009

Space Missions

Space Missions

Dear Students

In the present time we are able to travel to the distant parts of our Universe by our Technological back up.We have made tramendous progress in space programs.Our dream to touch the other planets became a reality.Now we aim to land on The Mars and Venus.We all are sure that the time is very near.

But , before we plan about other missions ,we must know some thing about our previous space programs.

Here I invite you all to the topic The space Missions.

I give you a project on the space missions

You can Include the following topics in your project.
1.Space Age
2.Space shuttles Travellers

5.Space Stations
6Landing on the Moon
7.Leading Nations -Space programms
8. Space Tragedies

Lastly You can have a pleasant wind up.

For more information .. you can use the following links given here.

Due Date is 25th August 2009.

Space Shuttles rise up

After a long mission shuttle lands

An artificial satellite orbits the Earth

Neil Armstrong On the MOON

Columbia - space shuttle Tragedy

Thank You.

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