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Friday, April 20, 2012


CH:1.Power sharing- Worksheet cum Assignment. Class x.

Answer the following questions.
  1. Who formed majority in terms of population in Sri Lanka?
  2. Who formed majority in terms of population in Belgium?
  3. When was sinhalese declared as the official language?
  4. In Modern democracies power is shared between/among
  5. Sri Lanka Emerged as the independent country in?
  6. What is community goverment refers to?
  7. Which is the official language in srilanak?
  8. What is federeal division of power?
  9. Whaich is the Dutch Majority region in Belgium?
  10. Which is the French majority region in Belgium?
  11. In the capital city, Brussels,.......................% people spoke French ...... %spoke Dutch.
  12. What is the basic principle of democracy?
  13. In India ,federal government is called the ........................ government.
  14. What is civil war?

Lesson Questions
  1. What is the reason for tensiion in Belgium?
  2. Explain the power sharing arragements among governments at different levels.
  3. What do you know about the power sharing arrangements in Belgium?
  4. Describe the diverse population in Sri Lnaka?
  5. What is the background of the Sri Lankan Tamils?
  6. What notions of power sharing existed prior to the emergence of democracy?
  7. Compare the different ways in which the Belgians and the Sri Lankans have dealt with the problems of cultural diversity?
  8. Describe the majoritarian measures adopted by the sri Lanakan government?
  9. Describe the different forms of power sharing in modern democracies with examples?
  10. Why is power sharing desirable?


  1. It will be very helpful for students if you post answers also..
    You can see how Topper's Social Science is helping students by clicking on my name...

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  3. Lesson Questions Answer No. 17

    > In Belgium, the leaders have realised that the unity of the country is possible only by respecting the feelings and interests of different communities and regions. Such a realisation resulted in mutually acceptable arrangements for sharing power.

    > Sri Lanka shows us a contrasting example. It shows us that if a majority community wants to force its dominance over others and refuses to share power, it can undermine the unity of the country.