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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CBSE Class IX -Social Science( NAZISM)

Class IX- Social Science – .
Worksheet- Nazism.
Answer the following Questions.
1. Which group of countries was known as the Axis Powers?
2. Another name for the German Parliament?
3. Where was Hitler born?
4. The Term Gestapo was used for?
5. HJalmar Schacht was a/an….
6. The First World War broke out in which year?
7. The Second World War broke out in which year?
8. The Ideology founded by Hitler is known as?
9. What is Hyper Inflation?
10. What are Ghettos?
11. Who was assigned with the responsibility of Economic recovery by Hitler?
12. Which Nazi Youth organization was consisted all German boys of 14-18 years of Age?
13. Which was the leading industrial are of Germany?
14. What is a synagogue?
15. What were concentration camps?
16. When was the Enabling Act passed?
17. When was the treaty of Versailles signed?
18. What was Auschwitz famous for?
19. Which party was known as the Nazi party?
20. Name the world’s biggest Stock Exchange.
21. Who were the November Criminals?
22. Which President offered Chancellorship to Hitler? When?
23. Which is the popular people’s car in Germany?
24. When did Hitler attack Soviet Union?
25. What is Lebensraum?
26. Who were the undesirable people for Hitler?
27. Which was the most infamous film regarding Jews?
28. Who is the recently elected President of India?
29. Which state in India was affected by the ethnic violence?
30. Where is venue of the 2012 Olympics?

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