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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Social Science worksheet-2. Class x.-Geography

Social Science worksheet-2.  Class x.

1. Pink Headed duck lies in the category of:
2. Number of species of flora found in India are:
3. Number of species fauna in India:
4. The species on the verge of extinction are called:
5. What is the actual forest cover of India?
6. What does the state forest report (1999) claim:
7. Species whose population levels are considered to be normal for their survival such as cattle ,sail :
8. Species which are in danger of extinction are called:
9. Species which are only found in some particular areas usually isolated by natural barriers:
10.When did the  forest suffer the most in India?:
11. When was the cheetah declared extinct In India?:
12. How have the tribal belt of North East AND Central India been degraded?:
13. When a single commercially valuable species was extensively planted and other species eliminated is known as :
14. Where is Buxa tiger reserve located?
15. What is the major threat to wild life in the Buxa Tiger reserve?:
16. What do the forest and environmentalist claim about depletion of forest resources?:
17. Where does Himalayan Yew grow?:
18. When was the the Project tiger Launched?:
19. How many tiger reserves are there In India?:
20. Which type of the forest are called the as permanent forests?:
21.All north eastern States have which kind of forest?
22. How many biosphere reserves are there in India.
23. Villagers of which region have fought against mining by citing the wild life protection act:
24. What do the tribals of Mundas and santhals of Chotanagapur region worship?
25. Where did the chipko movement begin?:
26. When was the JFM programme begun?
27. Where was the BEEJ Bachao Andolan carried out first?
28. Where was JFM Programme brought into formal existence?
29. Which state has the largest area under permanent forest?
30What are sacred trees?
31. How much earth’s surface is covered with water?
32. How do we obtain fresh water?
33. What is the percentage of water that make up of oceans?
34. How much of fresh water is present on the Earth?
35. How much of global precipitation does India receive?
36. In which Year India may join the category of water scarcity?
37. Which place near Allahabad has a sophisticated water harvesting system in the first century BC?
38.In which state is Nagarjunakonda water harvesting system built?
39. When was the Bhopal Lake built?
40.In which City  Hauz Khaz is located?
41. Dams in the past were constructed mainly for the purpose of?
42. A section of a dam over which water is released is known as?
43. Narmada Bachao Andolan and Tehri dam Andolan are related to?
45. What was the original focus ogf Narmada Bachao Andolan ?
46. Which states are involved in the Krishna –Godavari  dispute?
47. Which state of India has a system of Inundation canals to Irrigate their fields?
48. Khandis and Johads are built in whaich part of India?
49.In Which part of Rajastan ,underground tanks are called tankas?
50. Where is Gendathur located?
51.A canal that is meant to divert floodwater specially during the rainy season is called ?
52. Bhakra nangal project is built on the river basin of?
53.Palar pani in Rajastan refrs to?Why do some places with sufficient water still suffer from waer scarcity?
54.Who referred dams as the temple of modern India?
55.Hirakud project is constructed on ?
56. The Bhopal lake was built in--- century?
1. Who formed the majority on terms of population in Sri Lanka?
2. Who formed the majority in terms of population In Belgium?
3.In modern democracies ,power is shared among:
4. SriLanka emerged as an Independent country in :
5. Community government refers to:
6. Federal division of power refers to :
7.In India federal government is called the :
8.In Sri Lanka  ,People of India origin speak:

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