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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Worksheet cum Assignments- Class X –Geography – Chapter 5- Energy Resources

Worksheet cum Assignments- Class X –Geography – Chapter 5- Energy Resources.
Answer the following questions.
1.       Which minerals found abundantly in India
2.       Gold and copper are which type of Minerals
3.       Magnetite and hematite are related to..
4.       Koderma ,in Jharkhand is the leading producer of which kind of Minerals.
5.       Minerals are deposited and accumulated in the strata of which rocks
6.       Any accumulation of minerals mixed with other elements is called..
7.       The large occurrence of minerals in igneous and metamorphic rocks is called
8.       Common salt ,magnesium and bromine are derived from
9.       Homogenous naturally occurring substances with a definable internal structure are called.
10.   Aluminum is obtained from the ore of
11.   Bailadia range in the Bastar district of Chattinsgargh are known for..
12.   Source of Energy that has been in use since a long period of time are called as..
13.   The main source of power generation in India is
14.   From which part of the country , maximum petroleum is generated
15.   Hat is the most important use of Mica
16.   Photovoltaic technology is used to generate electricity from
17.   Largest solar plant in India is located
18.   What is Neyveli famous for
19.    Uranium and thorium are used for
20.   Which minerals is found in the monazite sand of Kerala
21.   Gujarath and Assam have mainly the deposits of
23.   Percentage of Iron content in Hematite is
24.   Largest manganese producing state in India is
25.   Bauxite is an ore of
26.   Name the two offshore drilling centers of India
27.   Name  two oilfield located in Assam
28.   Name the states where major coalfield are found
29.   Name the coal mine located in Tmail Nadu.
30.   Ramagundam  power plant belongs to which states
31.   Korba power plants belong to
32.   Kaiga Power plants belongs to
33.   Narora [pwer plants belongs to
34.   Tarapur power plants belongs to
35.   Which is known as a killer industry?
36.   Name the Iron bets In India.

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