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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Worksheet cum assignments. Class IX- Civics. Democratic Rights

Worksheet cum assignments. Class IX- Civics.
Democratic Rights
Answer the following Questions.
1.       In Saudi Arabia , non Muslims residents can follow their religion in
2.       How did El Banna’s family come to know about his imprisonment?
3.       A person who is arrested and detained shall be produced before the nearest magistrate within a period of ….. Hour of arrest.
4.       Mention all fundamental rights
5.       If anyone violates our fundamental rights we can directly approach the…
6.       What is the Amnesty International?
7.       What does the word secular mean?
8.       National human right commission was set up in
9.       Who called the right to constitutional remedies ‘the heart and soul of  the constitution.
10.   National human right commission is headed by..
11.   The constitution prohibits child labour. It means no one can employ a child below the age of…..
12.   ………..protects minorities from the oppression of majority.
13.   Our constitution provides  for………….fundamental rights
14.   The rule of law means that no person is above the…..
15.   A secular state is one that does not establish any one religion as ……….. religion
Constitution mention ………specific evils and declares these illegal.

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