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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Social Science IX – Worksheet- Civics – Chapter 2 and 3.

Social Science IX – Worksheet- Civics – Chapter 2 and 3.
1.       When did Mexico achieve its independence?
2.       What does a candidate need for contesting elections in China?
3.       During which period China face severe famine?
4.       Who is Robert Mugabe?
5.       What is PRI?
6.       Who is General Parvez Musharaf?
7.       When did Zimbabwe attain independence?
8.       What is ZANI PF?
9.       How can you say that Myanmar is not a democratic country?
10.   When did Parvez Musharaf issue a Legal Framework Order in Pakistan?
11.   Since 1930, which country holds elections after every six years and which has never been under a military  or dictator’s rule?
12.   Why are China and Mexico not democratic?
13.   What is the Name of the Chinese Parliament?
14.   Whom does National People’s congress appoint?
15.   Define the Term Democracy?
16.   In a democracy, final decision making power rests with those elected by the …………………
17.   A democracy must be based on a….. And …….. elections
18.   Who is Aau San Suki?
19.   Who is the Present president of Pakistan?
20.   Who is the Secretary General of United Nations?

Chapter 3.
1.       Who were called the coloured in South Africa?
2.       What is Robben Island?
3.       What is the Full form of ANC?
4.       When South Africa did become independent?
5.       Who imposed the system of apartheid in South Africa?
6.       How many members were in the constituent assembly that wrote the Indian Constitution?
7.       Which Party led India’s freedom Struggle?
8.       Who was the chairman of the Constituent Assembly?
9.       Which national leader was called the iron man of India?
10.   Which national leader played the most dominant role in the making of the Indian Constitution?
11.   When was Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment?
12.   What is treason?
13.   What is Draft?
14.   Who was the first union law minister of India?
15.   Who was the first President of India?
16.   What does Service of India mean according to Nehru
17.   The constituent assembly met for how many days?
18.   What did Dr Ambedkar want?
19.   How many years Nelson Mandela was in jail
20.   Who was the first home minister of India?

Social Science – Worksheet-Geography-Chapter 2 &3.
1.       Which type of plate boundary led to the creation of the Himalayan mountains ?
2.       Which part of India was  once a part of the Gondwanaland?
3.       Where do most earthquakes and volcanoes occur?
4.       Which is the northernmost range of Himalayas?
5.       What is the average height of Mountain peaks in inner Himalayas?
6.       What type of rocks are mostly found in  the Himalayas?
7.       Who put forward the continental Drift theory?
8.       In which state of India are Kanga and Kullu valley located?
9.       Mt Everest is located in ?
10.   Which soil is suited for intensive agriculture?
11.   The western part of Northern plains refers to?

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