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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

-Class IX- Social studies Worksheet

Class IX- Social studies .
1. What is the tenure of  Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha:
2. Number of Lok sabha Constituencies at present:
3. What is the voting age in India?
4. Who can be denied the right to vote?:
5. How many seats are reserved for the SC in Lok Sabha?:
6. Which political party gave the slogan Garibi Hatao?:
7. Who conduct elections?
8What is functionalism?:
9. Which state has the largest vidhan sabha in the country?
10. Who appoints the CEC?
11. Protect the self respect of the telugus, was the slogan given by?
12. What is Electronic Voting Machine?
13. Save democracy was a slogan given by which party?
14. In our country, elections are conducted by an independent very powerful…
15Voters list is known as…
16. Number of Seats for ST in Lok sabha ….
17. Who announces the election results?
18. Who is the head of the government?
19. Who exercises actual powers?
20Who appoints the chief Justice of India?
21. Which Institution can make changes to an existing law of the country?
22. The cabinet is the inner ring of the council of minister. It comprises about……….ministers?
23. Who settles the dispute between the states?
24. Which party implemented the Mandal commission report?
25. Who are responsible or taking steps to implement the minister’s decisions?
26. Which are the countries following the presidential system o Government?
27. All government activities are carried out in the name of….
Answer the following questions.
1.        Why are political institutions important?
2.        What is known as the executive? Write its significance.
3.        What power does the Lok Sabha exercise in money matters?
4.        Write a note on the two hopuses of the Parliament.
5.        What is the role of the president in the appointment of PM and council  of Ministers.
6.        Mention all the appointmaents made by the president of India
7.        Write a note on the presidential form of Government.
8.        Why do we need a parliament?
9.        How can you say that the Lok Saba is more powerful than the Rajya Sabha.
10.     Why are ministers more powerful than the civil servants?
11.     Write a note on the Mandal Commission Repot
12.     What are the types of Ministers?
14.     What is Judiciary
15.     Define a government.

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