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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Geography. Chapter4.Climate-Class IX

Geography. Chapter4.Climate
1.       What is the name given to seasonal reversal of wind direction in a year.
2.       Which state of India  experiences wide difference between day and night temperatures
3.       The word monsoon has been derived from ……….word of Mausim
4.       During the day time wind blow from …… to …..
5.       Which part of the country experiences a moderate climate
6.       What is continentality
7.       What are the factors which control the climate of a place?
8.       Which imaginary line passes through the center of our country?
9.       Which force is responsible for deflecting winds towards the right in northern hemisphere?
10.   What is EL Nino.
11.   In which latitude of tropical areas monsoon experienced
12.   What is the nature of the monsoon winds?
13.   What is the duration of monsoon in India
14.   Which part of India receives monsoon by first week of June.
15.   In which month do the Island receive first showers of Monsoon
16.   How many seasons do we have in India
17.   Name the winds blowing over north India during winters
18.   Which types of crops grow well during the winter rains
19.   What is the average temperature of Chennai during winters?
20.   What name is given to localized thunderstorms in the state of west Bengal?
21.   In which states of India pre monsoon showers help in early ripening of mangoes.
22.   What are the characteristic of retreating monsoon?
23.   The wind blowing northern plains in summer is called?
24.   Generally temperature decreases with increase in..
25.   Name the two hottest months.
26.   Name  two rainiest  stations
27.   Name two driest stations

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