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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Class x. Geography –Agriculture

Class x. Geography –Agriculture
1.    Contribution of agriculture to our gross domestic product is……..  Percent.
2.    The proportion of population engaged in agriculture in India is….
3.    The land cultivated once in a year is….
4.    The season which begins with the onset f the monsoon and continues till the beginning of winter.
5.    The season which begins with the beginning of winter and continues till the beginning of summer.
6.    The crops like watermelon, cucumber are generally grown in the season of…
7.    Which are the Rabi crops?
8.    Which are the Kharif crops?
9.    In which part of India Jhumming mainly practiced?
10.                        What is the name given to the jhumming agriculture in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh and Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
11.                        Milpa is the name given to Jhumming agricultures in…
12.                        Use of HYV of seeds, chemicals and pesticides in order to obtain higher productivity are the characteristic of..
13.                        Aus, Aman and Boro are the crops of ….grown thrice in a year.
14.                        Crops that are grown in areas where the rainfall is low and crops are grown with the help of irrigation…
15.                        Punjab, Haryana and U.P are the important for growing which crops?
16.                        Which crop is grown in Nilgiris, Karnataka, Kerala and T.N?
17.                        Which Crops require a long, warm and frost free growing seasons of at least 200 day and grows well in Black soil?
18.                        Name the main food crop in north and western part of the country?
19.                        Which food crop is rich in Iron, calcium and other micro nutrient?
20.                        Which state is the largest producer of Jowar?
21.                        Which state is the largest producer of Ragi?
22.                        What kind of crop is groundnut?
23.                        Which state is the largest producer of groundnut?
24.                        Rearing silkworm for the production of silk fibber is known as…
25.                        Which is known as the golden fibre of India?
26.                        Which are the leguminous crops?
27.                        Which is the best type of soil for the growth of rice?
28.                        What is India’s rank among the world’s rubber producers?
29.                        What was the main focus of first five year plan for agriculture?

Answer the following questions
1.      Why is agriculture important for Indian economy?
2.      Compare the geographic conditions required for the growth of rice and wheat in India?
3.      Write short note on horticulture?
4.      What are the differences between subsistence and commercial agriculture?
5.      Kerala leads in the production of rubber give 2 reasons?
6.      What are the efforts made by the government to modernize agriculture in India?
7.      Why there is enormous pressure in agriculture land in intensive subsistence farming?
8.      Which is the short cropping season? Name some crops grown in this season?
9.      Which types of farming is Jhumming farming? Explain it
10.  On a outline map of India mark two places where the following crops are grown?
Rice, Wheat, Sugar cane, Cotton, Jute, Mango, Rubber, Cashew nut, Tea, Coffee

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