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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Worksheet-Geography – Chapter 2- Forest and wildlife resources.

Worksheet-Geography – Chapter 2- Forest and wildlife resources.
1.       Number of species of  flora and fauna  found in India  are----
2.       The species on the verge of extinction are called ---
3.       What is the actual forest over of India? ----
4.       What does the State forest report claim?
5.       Species  whose population level are considered  to be normal for their  survival  are called …
6.       Species which are  in danger of extinction are called---
7.       Species which are  isolated  by natural  or geographic barriers are called ---
8.       When did forest suffer the most?
9.       When the Cheetah was declared extinct in India?
10.    How have tribal belt of North East and central India been degraded?
11.    Where is Buxua Tiger reserve located?
12.    What is the major threat to wildlife in the Buxa tiger reserve?
13.    Where does Himalayan Yew Grow?
14.    Who established national Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries?
15.    When was project tiger launched?
16.    How many tiger reserves are there in India?
17.    Which type of forests is called as the permanent forests?
18.    All north eastern states have which kind of forests?
19.    The forest land that is protected by the forest department from further depletion.
20.    How many biosphere reserves are there in India?
21.    Villagers of which region have fought against mining activities?
22.    What do the tribal’s of Mundas and Santhals worship?
23.    Where did the Chipko Movement begin?
24.    Where was the Beej Bachao Andolan Carried out first?
25.    When was JFM programs begun?
26.    Where was JFM program brought in to formal existence?
27.    Which state has the largest area under permanent forest?
28.    What do tribal’s  of Orissa  and Bihar  Worship
29.    What are sacred trees?
30.    Where is Corbett National Park?

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