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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Class X – Social studies worksheet. ( Indian National Movement)

worksheet. 1.
1. Which book would you consult to get acquainted with the Gandhiyan thought?
2. Which was the technique which was evolved by Gandhi during his long struggle in South Africa and which later became the chief weapon for the attainment of swaraj?
3. Where did Mahatma Gandhi first try the weapon of Satyagraha?
4. Gandhiji experimented with satyagraha at champaran in Bihar in order to:
5. The first satyagraha in India by Mahatma Gandhi in 1917 was started at
6In 1918, Gandhiji intervened in a dispute between:
7The Rowlatt Act enabled the government to suspend he right of
8. Gandhiji started satyagraha in 1919 in protest against the:
9. A public meeting was held on April 13, 1919 in Jalaianwalla Bagh to:
10. The aim of the Khilafat Movement was:
11. The ongress session which passed the poorna swaraj resolution was presided over by:
12. The non cooperation movement was abruptly suspended by Gandhiji .why?
13…………………………….hed ended with the defeat of Ottoman Turkkey
14. Who was Baba Ramchandra:
15. Who was Alluri Sitaram Raju.:
16: Write the importance of the following years.
a)        June 1920
b)        January 1921
c)        26th January 1930
d)        6th April 1930
e)        5th March 1931
17 Producing goods in   large quantities after processing from raw materials to more valuable products are called:
18. What is the target of the national manufacturing competitiveness council regarding the desired growth rate of manufacturing?:
19. Many industries tend come together to make use of the advantages offered by the urban centers known as:
20. Iron and steel Industry is an example of which type of Industries?;
21.Amul Delhi Milk Scheme is an example of which type of Industries?
22. Name the marketing body through which all public sectors undertaking market their steel.
23. Which is the only private sector Iron and steel industrial city in India
24. Which industry used limestone as its raw material?
25. Which industry used bauxite as its raw material?
26. Which industries manufactures telephone, computer etc?
27. The first textile mill was established in
28. The textile industry is as an example of
29. the most strategic industry needed for the country’s economic development is
30. The most important factor that determines the location of aluminum industry is:
31. Electronic capital of India is:
32. The industries in which maximum investment allowed is rupees one crore are called:
33. Why is it important for our country to keep the mill sector loomage lower than the power loomage?
34. Under which sector do BHEL and SAIL COME?
35. Which country is the largest producer of raw jute and jute products?
36. Where is jute industries largely concentrated in India?
37. What was the main aim of National Jute Policy?
38. When was the national Jute Policy formulated?
39. Which region of India has maximum concentration of Iron and Steel Industries?
40. The firs cement plant was established at?
42. Name the steel plant located in the coastal area of India.
43. Which country is the largest producer and consumer of steel in the world?
44. In which state Salem Steel plant located.
45. Industries that are owned and operated by the government and its agencies for the social welfare are called:
46. ln steel plant the proportion of iron ore ,cooking  coal and lime stone is in ….. Ratio
47. Give two examples each.
a. Agro based industries    b) Mineral based Industries       c) Basic or key Industries
e) Consumer Industries    f) Public sector Industries           g) Private sector Industries     h) Joint sector Industries
i) Cooperative sector Industries     j) heavy Industries      k) Light Industries.

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