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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

History-The Age of Industrialization

History-The Age of Industrialization
1.       Which was the first industry established in England?
2.       Who Invented Steam Engine?
3.       Who was the English Industrialist to manufacture the new model of steam engine?
4.       Which country faced labour shortage in the 19th century?
5.       Who set up earl y industries in India?
6.       Which are the European trading agencies which controlled Indian industries?
7.       Which industries used steam engines  in the 19th century
8.       Name the new trading centers that emerged in India under colonial rule?
9.       Name the industrialist who made fortune from the china trade?
10.    Who set up jute mill in India? When?
11.    Who set up first joint stock company in India/
12.    Who were Gomastas?
13.    Who was a jobber?
14.    …………. Created the first cotton mill
15.    Which  were the pre colonial trading ports in India
16.    The first spinning mill in Madras was set up in …….
                  Which is known as the dynamic industries

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