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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Worksheet- Geography Chapter 3-Water Resources.

Worksheet- Geography Chapter 3-Water Resources.
1.     How much of Earth’s surface is covered  with water
2.     Dams in the past were constructed mainly for --- purposes
3.     How do we obtain  fresh water
4.     What is the percentage of water that makes up oceans
5.     How much fresh water is present  on the earth’s surface
6.     How much of global precipitation does  India receive
7.     By which year it is predicted that India will join  countries with  water scarcity
8.     Why hydraulic structure have been  built  in India  since ancient times
9.     In which  state  is Nagarjunakonda waer harvesting  system built
10.                        When was theBhopal Lake built
11.                        In which city Hauz Khas Tank is located
12.                        Which Mughal Emporer got the Hauz Khas  tank constructed.
13.                        NBA and TDA are related to ?
14.                        What was the original focus  of NBA
15.                        Which  state of India  has a system if inundation canals of irrigate  their fields
16.                        Which states are involved in the Krishna Godavari dispute
17.                        What is Kuls and Guls
18.                        What are the main purposes of Multi Dam Projects
19.                        What are Tankas
20.                        Which part of Rajasthan  is famous for Tankas
21.                        Which north eastern  state capital  city has a well planned  rooftop rainwater harvesting
22.                        Where is Gnadathur Located
23.                        Which state made it compulsory to make  rainwater harvesting
24.                        Which state made it mandatory to harvest rain water?
25.                        What per cent of   the total volume of world’s water is estimated to exist as Ocean?

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