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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Class X Worksheet –Social Studies (Geography)Chapter 1

Class X Worksheet –Social Studies (Geography)
1. Write any two examples of Abiotic resources.
2. Minerals and fossils are the examples of ……………….resources.
3. Write any two examples of renewable resources.
4. Write two examples of community owned resources.
5. Name any 3 examples of National resources.
6. Political boundaries of a country extend up to …………….kilometers.
7.What is Exclusive economic zone.
8. Which states of in India have potential for wind and solar energy
9. The first international Earth summit held at:
10. UNCED stands for:
11. The Agenda 21 is related to:
12. The Club of Rome advocated:
13. Who is the author of the book Small is Beautiful?
14. Who coined the term Sustainable development?
15. The Brundtland commission report is about:
16. The forest in a country should be ………….per cent of the geographical are.
17. The first National forest policy was outlined in…….
18. Inda has …………..hectares of degraded land.
19. Which states in India are facing land degradation due to mining?
20. States facing land degradation due to over irrigation are:
21. Black soils are rich in:
22. Bangar means:
23. Khadar means:
24. Which soil is known as REGUR?:
25. Which soils is good for cotton cultivation?
26. Where do you find Laterite soil?
27. What are Gullies?
28. What is sheet erosion?
29. What is strip cropping?
30. Arid soils are found in:

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